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Green Pass EU Digital Green Certificate QR Reader

Self-Check Green Pass QR Scanner

Fast QR code scan (EU Health pass, Green pass scan) Voice broadcast Wi-Fi connection (2.4Ghz) Screen: 2.8 & 5 Inch Work with Access control,Relay interface Support multiple languages and voices


Super green pass scanner


What is the super green pass?

The super green pass, will be a certificate valid only for people who have been vaccinated against or who have recovered from covid,

and will prevent those who are not vaccinated from entering bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, theatres, discos, and stadiums.

There will be no super green pass for workplaces (tests will continue to be valid), while a simple green pass will be valid for public transport.

What Shows On The Screen?

  • Name and birthday
  • Vaccination certificate result
  • Covid recovery certificate result
  • PCR test result
  • Antigen test certificate result

Verify Solution For Super Green Pass

Easy setting of acceptable certificate through mobile or PC

End user can choose accept “PCR test certificate” “ Antigen test certificate” or not.

Places such as bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms,theater, discos, and stadiums are accept vaccinated and recovery form Covid 19 only.

GREENPASS Reader is an ideal hygiene measure for all companies and areas with public traffic or personal contact. The contactless verification completely reduces the direct risk of transmission.



Every single person counts.

The more people come together, the more important it is to offer an efficient and perhaps also tailor-made solution for the necessary 3G / 2G controls.

The “Fast-Scan-Function” checks up to 25 people per minute and that without additional personnel.

Make everyday work easier for your staff and employees and thus reduce unnecessary stress.

A café / bar /restaurant is usually open about 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The employees continuously check the 2G / 3G status of the customers . About 1/3 of your effective working time is used as a result:


4h at € 20 / day

= € 80 / day

= € 480 / week



= 1920, – € / month


With our self check Green pass reader ,

In one year you will save more than € 20,000

Green Pass Scan Health Pass Scan Specification
ProductModel numberCV102CV105
IPS screenSize2.8 Inch screen5 inch screen
NetworkWifi2.4GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n
QR code readerResolution640px*480px
2D CodeQR Code、Micro QR, Data Matrix 、PDF417
AngleVertical 27°,Horizontal 36°
Prompt methodLED light, buzzer
AudioSpeakerVioce output (Support customize by MP3 file)
Interface / functionPower5V/2A
Button RSTreset button
LED indicatorblue
Access control switchRelay access control / sound and light alarm switch, note that there is only one output switch
Sound and light switchRelay access control / sound and light alarm switch, note that there is only one output switch
Languagemulti-languageItalian, French, German, English,Spanish
Working environmentTemperature-10~ 60°C
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