Cleverdog Cam

1Failed to connection
Please notice the date flow at top right in the page of real-time video. if data flow is not 0kb, but it whirls or blank screen, which maybe that the uploading bandwidth of WiFi is not enough, it is advised to change a network.
2The video picture is black and white sometimes
With an infrared filter switching function, the camera is suitable for a variety of low illumination environment. It add the infrared filter automatically during the day, the image is colored; The infrared filter will be removed automatically under the condition of night or dark light, and the infrared night vision is opened, the image is black and white.
3The video direction is inversion, how can I adjust it?
Tap the wrench icon at the real-time video page, and go into 【function settings】. Click the【video direction】and choose inversion(rotate 180°)

4No History
1、Please ensure you have insert the available Micro SD card;
2、Please check the state of Micro SD card at the page of 【function settings】. If it is uninitialized, please initialize first.

3、Please check the settings of 【video recording】 at the page of 【function settings】. If the selection is “Never”or select none, it will not record the videos for you.
5History is off and on
1、Because the default option of “Video recording” is “detect abnormal motion”, it will not open the record function normally. So the video is off and on.
2、If you need record thorough all day, you need to set the “video recording” as 24 hours.

Smart Doorbell

1Can it be used by multi-users?
The same account can sign in on different phones.

Or you can tap “sharing”at the page of 【function settings】 to share it to others
2How to charge the battery?
It is recommended to use the power adapter about 5V-1A to charge.
The state indicator light is green and normally on in charging progress.
It will go out automatically when the battery level is 100%, and can be used about 2 months.
3Why the state indicator light will go out?
It can be normally used after you binded it with you account. If there is no any operation in 5 seconds, it will go to sleep automatically, and enter into energy-saving mode.
You can look up the real-time video by app on the phone, or press the call button on doorbell to call someone with the phone.
Any functions can be used normally.
4How long does a call disconnect automatically?
It will disconnect automatically when no one answered in 30 seconds.

Cleverdog Cam · Outdoor

1How to bind an outdoor camera
1、 Wired connection
The device is plugged into a Rj 45 Internet cable and then the network port light is on. The client and the device connect to the same network. Click Next to search for the device CID under the same network. Choose the CID number of your device, name the device, and click “Next” to connect successfully.
2、WiFi connection
After the device is connected to the power supply,press and hold the device setting key for about 3 seconds to wait for the blue light to flash. Click “Next” to switch to WiFi page to connect device WiFi: DOG-XXXX password 11111111 to return to name the device. Select WiFiand enter the password, the connection is successful.
2How to download history videos
1、Remove the SD card
Take out the SD card from the device, and use the card reader into the computer.
2、Do not remove the SD card
The camera and download the device in the same network, enter the historical video ---- click the download button; pop-up window: has generated a download link, please download the same network ------ click copy, link paste to download the device browser Download video.
3、Cloud storage has been opened
Into the cloud storage video page click the download button, select the download content click to download. (Each download cannot be more than 10 minutes)
3Description of the device light
1、Indicator light
BluelightAlways bright:Power on & Wi-Fi connected successfully BluelightFlashing:Wi-Fi configuration BluelightOff:Shut down
2、Network port lights
AmberlightAlways bright:The network connection is successful AmberlightOff:Not connected to the network


1Didn’t receive any SMS
Only support the phone number in mainland
2Didn’t receive any information notification
1、Slide to right at the top of homepage, tap【settings】to open the【information notification】 function.

2、For android users, if you did‘t receive the notification, please go into the system settings and open the notification permission.
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